The Glitter Studio

Far off wedding bells get that tiny bit louder with each passing day as I make the preparations for my own special ceremony and therefore, One Fab Day’s recent wedding fair, The Glitter Studio, was an ideal event to attend for inspiration.

A glass of champagne from the Bubble Bar upon entering as models paraded around Dublin’s Chq Building showcasing designer white dresses from the Bridal Boutique added to the collective muse that was gathered under one roof. The too-easy-to-drink bubbly, the elegant dresses, the artistic photographers, the decorative flowers, the charming invitations, and creative themed décor are all integral parts of any wedding and Ireland’s very best within the industry were all present within the Galleria.

These essential factors were discussed within One Fab Day’s informative workshop that offered great advice and insightful tips on putting together a stylish wedding. All of which I aim to put to good use to make a memorable (for the right reasons) wedding at Florence’s stunning Castello di Vincigliata. With the wedding venue safely locked down, this foodie bride’s objective has switched to providing a day full of edible delights.

Castello di Vincigliata

A wander through the Galleria with the aim of satisfying my bridezilla taste-buds allowed me to get acquainted with several attending suppliers at The Glitter Studio who displayed beautifully decorated traditional wedding cakes. Cherub Couture Cakes offered various samples, including their moist lemon meringue sponge cake, which was especially delicious (the very best of luck to them in the upcoming cake competition they mentioned they were attending in Birmingham next month). Not-so-traditional yet extremely appetising wedding cakes were also present courtesy of the innovative Wildflour Bakery, from multiple tiered to various mouth-watering canopies (cakopies?).

But what about the not so traditional fare? Novel ideas such as nibbling on SuperValue’s layered gourmet cheese tower while having your very own mobile artisan café, Nomad, serve smooth cups of coffee at any portion of the wedding you deem were available.

Maybe the attending wedding guests watching your love story unfold would like a helping of Cornude’s scrumptious artisan popcorn – with a variety of unique flavours available.

And to wash it down? A bottle of Hoppily Ever After’s personalised craft beer branded with a custom label design of your choice.

Such intriguing options help sculpt a truly bespoke foodie wedding and One Fab Day’s fun weekend event has left this Foodie Devotee with some serious thinking to do.


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